The Beer Quiz

We’ve all heard about Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences where he proposed that all people have a unique blend of eight different types of intelligence including visual, bodily, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, logical, and naturalistic.  Tests have been developed to help people determine which elements of intelligence are their strongest, and some schools have even based their curriculum around the concept.

However, Gardner’s work is not without controversy. The theory of multiple intelligences has been fiercely debated among psychologists, pedagogists, and academics who all agree that there is clearly something missing from Gardner’s list: beer intelligence.

To address this alarming oversight, Beer Syndicate has gathered together a think tank of scientists from the world’s top schools including Harvard, Oxford, and the University of Phoenix.

After the dust settled, a deceptively simple test emerged designed to assess an individual’s Beer IQ.

Simply called “The Beer Quiz, this test measures an individual’s beer knowledge through a series of questions of varying levels of difficulty: Normal, Challenging, and Hard.  At the end of the test, the individual’s score is tallied and a Beer IQ is calculated.

It’s recommended that you begin with the Normal Beer Quiz, and then proceed from there, however all three levels are provided below.

Good luck.




[Special thanks to Daniel J. Leonard for his collaboration and technical assistance on this project.]

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