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The Top 30ish Things Homebrewers Hate about Homebrewing

On the surface of it, the title “The Top 30ish Things Homebrewers Hate about Homebrewing” may sound somewhat divisively discouraging, especially to those beginning brewers or to the adventurous souls thinking about picking up the brew kettle and joining the ranks.  But don’t be put off.  Let me assure you, homebrewing is one of the most fulfillingly humanizing crafts in which one can engage, and the rewards of creating the greatest beverage in existence with your own two hands far outweigh the unavoidable toils of the brewer.

The impetus behind this oh-please-not-another-internetlist materialized out of a rant topic that was started under the homebrewing forum on the sometimes controversial social news website reddit, where fellow homebrewers were polled on the things that irked them the most about their hobby.  Despite the homebrewer’s general ‘pint is half-full’ disposition, within minutes, the conversation spiraled into an all-out gripefest of sorts, proving that not even homebrewers are immune to the cathartic zen-ness that can only be attained through a group bitch session.

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  1. Alright everyone. How do we solve some these? Any suggestions?

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